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7 Most Deadly Plants That Could Be In Your Garden

Plants may seem benign enough on the surface, yet they can really contain some of the most deadly toxins ever found.

Throughout history, poisonous plants have killed people, from Socrates’ death from poison hemlock to infants accidentally ingesting deadly nightshade.

Here is a list of the plants you should not cultivate in your garden if you have children, animals, or livestock.


1. Water hemlock

The plant known for killing Socrates, poison hemlock, is linked to water hemlock, which has been called “the most viciously deadly plant in North America.

Water hemlock is a large wildflower in the carrot family that resembles Queen Anne’s lace and is occasionally mistaken for edible celery or parsnips.

However, water hemlock is loaded with lethal cicutoxin, especially in the roots, and anyone unlucky enough to ingest it would quickly experience possibly fatal symptoms.

Amnesia or persistent tremors are frequently experienced by persons who survive painful convulsions, stomach cramps, nausea, and death.


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