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7 Exercises You Can Do While Sitting Down to Get a Flat Stomach & Thin Waist

We have to force ourselves to go to the gym to get in shape before summer. But sometimes we don’t have the willpower or time to get up and do that. The answer to this problem is pretty easy to figure out. Try doing these exercises while you are sitting in a chair.

The following exercises will work your core and waist and the best part is that you can do them easily at the office or at home while watching TV.


1. Warming up

This exercise helps us get our muscles ready for our workout, even if it’s only going to last 5 minutes.

Exercise technique:

Put your hands on your knees and sit on the edge of a chair.

Lean back slowly while tightening your abs and keeping your back straight. You can touch the back of the chair with your back, but don’t lean on it.

Slowly move back to where you started.

Do 10–12 repetitions.


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