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7 Tips For Having a Beautiful Garden This Summer!

7 Tips For Having a Beautiful Garden This Summer!

A clean and well-kept garden considerably improves the living environment. With a beautiful garden, your home is more beautiful and you breathe clean air. But a beautiful garden has to be earned, it is often the result of several months (or years) of work and care. We offer you in this article, 7 effective tips to get a garden worthy of the name as soon as possible.

Delimit the space

This is a basic step and yet very often forgotten. First of all, you must clearly define the space devoted to your garden. No need to see too big of entry! Even on a small small area you can achieve a remarkable result. Target a passing place so that your efforts are visible, plant a flower bed along a wall of the house for example or an alley.

Install already developed plants

Remember. The objective is to obtain a beautiful garden this summer. You then understand the importance of installing plants that are already well developed. This will save you time and help you reach your goal faster. Choose these perennials and shrubs wisely to match them, respecting the marriages of complementary colors and favoring blooms spread out from the beginning of summer to the end of autumn.

Also consider annual plants

Not all plants grow at the same time or at the same rate. Depending on the season, some grow faster than others. If you want to have a beautiful garden this year, then you have to prioritize annual flowers. They are the champions of rapid growth. Between spring and late autumn, they go from sown seed to flowers and they will already be very developed this summer.

But you also need to work on how to make your garden look great in every season . You will thus prepare for the future and avoid having to constantly renew your seedlings. To do this, in spring and summer, also plant perennial flowers: cornflowers, foxglove, iris, peony, lily of the valley, daisy… These plants come back every year, almost effortlessly.

7 Tips For Having a Beautiful Garden This Summer!

Maintain your garden regularly

Without maintenance, no beautiful garden. It is obvious ! Garden maintenance is therefore necessary. You cannot escape it. It is still possible to maintain your garden without getting tired after a few days. To do this, maintain it methodically. Clean tools before any maintenance. Disinfect them. Get rid of weeds that compete with your garden’s flower growth. Also remove faded flowers very regularly to encourage the production of new ones. Also, don’t forget to water the plants in your garden properly. By maintaining your garden regularly, you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Prepare to Accept Parasites

The presence of pests is inevitable in a garden, you must accept them. As long as they don’t swarm, they pose no real threat to your flowers. If there are too many of them, it means that your garden is not diverse enough or that it does not offer good conditions to accommodate auxiliary insects. Ladybug larvae are thus useful in protecting a garden. Indeed, they eat aphids. You must therefore make every effort to accommodate them. Offer them a patch of tall grass with lots of flowers and you’ll soon see them appear.

Worried about snails and slugs attacking your garden? Fill beer traps. Then place them next to the plants.

Use compost in your garden

Compost is largely underused in the garden. However, it allows you to recycle all your green waste but also a large part of the kitchen waste. Better still, it is both a life support for soil micro-organisms and provides many essential nutrients for plant growth. Get started, reserve a corner a little out of sight to produce some: getting some costs nothing!

Furnish and decorate the garden to your liking!

Your garden is unique and should reflect your personality. But it is also the ideal place to rest or to welcome your friends around a good table. You therefore need furniture: a living room with table and chairs is a minimum. For more comfort, you can add a deckchair for each member of the family, a hammock.

And to make your garden even more beautiful, add decorative elements: statues, lights, for example, or decorative objects scattered throughout your beds. There will be so many surprises to discover for the guests who will tour your property.


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