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8 Fabulous Uses of Citrus Peel In Gardens

Citrus trees and fruits such as lemon and orange are very popular and they are consumed basically in every house. Instead of throwing away Citrus peel after eating the fruit, you can use them in your garden. They have amazing uses. Scroll down to discover the uses of citrus peel in gardens.

1. To keep away dogs and cats

orange peel

Many animals and pets including dogs and cats can’t stand the smell of citrus peel. Therefore you can use it to keep them away from your garden. All you need to do is blend some pieces of citrus peel with coffee grounds and sprinkle them in your garden.

This combination of citrus peel and the coffee ground will not only keep pets away but it will also fertilize your soil and enrich it with nutrients.

2. Make a compost

8 Awesome Citrus Peel Uses In Garden

Citrus peel is a good ingredient to make a compost. They are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If you want to have a nutritious compost, you should definitely add them. Keep in mind to cut them into small pieces before adding them to your compost to accelerate the composting process.

3. Acidify the soil

Azalea in garden (3)

Many flowers and veggies prefer a slightly acidic soil to grow. One of the best uses of citrus peel in gardens is to to use it as an acidifier. All you need to do is to dry some citrus peel, grind them and mix them with some water and spray your plants and soil with the solution.

This solution will decrease the acidity of your soil and make it richer in nutrients.

4. Repel Pests

Most people tend to use chemical pesticides to kill pests and keep them away from their gardens. However, chemical pesticides, although they are effective, they are not a good choice since they will contaminate your garden.

Instead of chemical pesticides, you can use the citrus peel to get rid of pests. Cut a citrus peel into small pieces and place these pieces on the infected plant. It should be noted that citrus peel is not as effective as pesticides in repelling pests, but at least it is organic and it does not contain any chemicals.

5. To get a fresh scent

This is one of the oldest uses of citrus peel in gardens. If you have a firepit in your garden, whenever you light it up, you should throw some citrus peel in it. As they burn, they will release an extremely fresh scent.

6. Keep mosquitos away

This is one of the most effective uses of citrus peel in gardens. Mosquitos are known to hate the scent of citrus. Throwing some citrus peel in your garden or around your house will keep mosquitos away. However, once they dry, they lose their scent consequently they lose their effectiveness against mosquitos.

7. A seed starter

Citrus Peel Starter Pot2

Citrus fruits can make excellent pots to grow seeds. They create a biodegradable environment which is perfect the germination of the seeds. Learn more about this idea here.

8. To get rid of ants

Ants are a threat to any garden. They help aphids to spread by attacking insects that feed on them such as ladybug and they can also damage your plants by disturbing your garden soil. You can use the citrus peel to drive ants away from your garden.  All it takes that you chop the citrus peel into tiny pieces and place them near the ants’ entry point.

There are many effective ways to get rid of ants, check them all here. 

These are the best uses of citrus peel in gardens. These uses are very effective and they will help you improve your gardens. Don’t forget to share this informative article with your friends.


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