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8 Secrets for Maximizing Your Garlic Crop

Without garlic, a kitchen wouldn’t be complete. As a result, many people desire to learn how to cultivate this delicious bulb themselves. Growing a lot of garlic for a healthy crop doesn’t need much experience, so even novice gardeners may get the benefits.

Try these tips if you’re interested in increasing your garlic harvest.


1. Start new plants from food scraps

Let’s begin with the method that many gardeners use to plant their first garlic cloves. While garlic seeds can be purchased, the much more usual method involves getting a single clove to sprout.

You can do this by soaking the clove’s lower half in water before planting to stimulate root growth, or you can simply plant the cloves in the ground and water them thoroughly for a week.

This strategy is helpful if you only have a few plants, as it allows you to quickly multiply your garden’s plant population with minimal further financial investment. For generations, households have used unused cloves to germinate seeds and grow new plants.

The actual shape will depend on your climate, the soil, the amount of water, and the amount of sunlight the plant gets.

Plant-the-cloves-in-the ground
Plant the cloves in the ground

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