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9 Best Secret Spots to Store Things in Your Home

You probably keep your passport, jewelry, cash, and other valuables in a safe at home, such a drawer in your nightstand.

Even though valuables may be secure in a closed safe, it is generally possible to break into safes, even those that require a password or key to open.

As a result, they may just steal the whole safe and worry about breaking into it later.

If you’re worried about the safety of your valuables, you might want to put them in one of these 9 hidden locations.


1. Kitchen Cabinets

There are some items, such as a physical will or an emergency fund, that are best kept in a secure but out-of-the-way location because they may be unused for weeks, months, or even years. One location is above the kitchen cabinets. From a ladder, you might be able to see a half-inch space between the ceiling and the tops of any hanging cabinets.

Put your important documents and items in a manila folder. The next step is to use two large binder clips to keep the envelope from falling into the gap, or to attach a string to the envelope for later retrieval. Now, simply insert the envelope into the gap.


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