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9 Common Mistakes in Pruning that Might Kill Your Plants

While some gardeners dread it, others look forward to the routine and time spent with their plants that this time of year brings. Although opinions may vary, pruning is a crucial part of garden maintenance.

There are so many factors to consider that making a mistake is pretty easy. If you’ve made any of these 10 common errors, know that you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon for even expert gardeners to make these mistakes. Fortunately, they’re also quite simple to avoid.


1. Using blunt equipment

Many amateur gardeners, and even some experienced gardeners, make the rookie mistake of starting with blunt tools.

To begin, it’s really challenging to work with blunt shears. They aren’t precise cutters, so you’ll need to use more muscle and finesse to get the job done.

Moreover, they are harmful to the plant and not worth the extra effort.

Generally speaking, pruning is done so that the plant can grow into something better, stronger, and healthier. The branch is more likely to suffer stress and stunted growth if it is cut with dull shears. These abrasive wounds take a long time to heal and can even peel the bark or stem, leaving a larger, more vulnerable lesion.


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