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9 Things Every Tomato Grower Must Do This Fall

When fall’s first crisp days arrive, those of us who still have tomatoes growing in pots start keeping a closer eye on the 10-day forecast. The clock is ticking, and the annual race to the first frost begins.

Will those beefsteaks have time to mature on the vine? What are we going to do with the remaining green tomatoes in the garden? When will we get the first frost?

Put on your gardening gloves and grab a trowel, tomato grower; we have 9 fall tasks to complete and many decisions to make about the fate of your crop this year.


1. How to Prevent Frost Damage to Tomatoes

Before the first frost is predicted, it’s wise to have a plan in place. Whether or not you want to put in the time and energy to protect your plants depends on how much harvest you still expect from your garden.

Cover your plants before dew falls for the best results. Depending on your location, you may need something more substantial than a few extra bed sheets, such as a tarp or mylar emergency blanket. Any plastic should have an insulating fabric layer beneath it. Plant cells that come into contact with plastic can still freeze. Purchase some frost cloth to protect your remaining tomatoes from the impending frost.

The next obvious dilemma is what to do with the unripe fruit still attached to the vine. Is it possible to let those tomatoes mature on the vine, or should they be picked while still green?


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