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A Guide to Harvesting & Cooking Garlic Scapes, One of the Most Intriguing Vegetables

The slender shoot that emerges from hardneck garlic and curls upward into a point is known as a scape.

The scapes, if allowed to mature, will bear a flower and subsequent seeds. The greatest way to make use of garlic scapes is through cooking, as garlic is cultivated from planting cloves rather than seeds.


1. Harvesting Garlic Scapes

If the scapes are cut off, the plant will stop producing blooms and put its resources towards making bulbs instead.

While waiting for the bulbs to mature, you can enjoy the fresh garlic flavor of the scapes that emerge from the plants about a month before harvest.

Scapes can be harvested by snipping them off at their base

If they break instead of bending, they need another day or two to mature. When a scape has one complete curlicue, it’s ready to be picked.


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