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Balcony garden ideas: A collection of the best and the most beautiful ideas

Modern gardening is not about gardens anymore but rather about balconies. Recently, balcony gardening became a very popular new trend. It allows people who don’t have much space in their yards to practice gardening. In this article, we will provide you with the best and the most attractive balcony garden ideas.

Due to urbanism, many people live in apartments and condo, thus, even if they want to garden, they won’t be able to. Balcony gardening provides them with space they need to garden. Therefore, people from all over the world are transforming their balconies into gardens. It is not just because they like gardening but also balcony gardens are extremely beautiful and attractive if you have the right idea.

Installing a balcony garden is fun. People usually enjoy the process. However, the difficult part is to start. Finding the idea that suits your taste and budget may be hard sometimes. Therefore, below we collected a list of most beautiful and amazing balcony garden ideas that should satisfy all tastes. Besides, we took into consideration all budgets. You will definitely find an idea you will like and find budget-friendly.

1. Sunny Balcony

Sunny Balcony garden idea

Living in a sunny region can be a blessing for a balcony garden idea. Sunny balconies are an ideal location to grow your own fruit such as citrus trees. In this picture, you could observe planted citrus trees in different pots. Indeed, you don’t need matching pots. The umbrella hanged to the balcony’s railing works as a shade to protect the plants from excessive exposure to sunlight.

This Balcony is one of the most relaxing spaces that you could ever create in your apartment.

2. Scrap wood

Scrap wood balcony garden idea

It is quite simple but a stunning balcony garden. it is composed of rustic wood elements with light, creating a comfortable warm space. This design could be easily replicated. All you need is some wood pallets or scar wood. The best part about this design is that this design is vertical. Thus, it uses only the wall keeping the balcony floor clean and saves space that you could use in different decorations.

The tea light candles are a really nice touch. They offer romance. You could have a romantic dinner on your balcony. It represents a perfect idea for balcony gardening.

3. Micro-Park

Micro-Park balcony garden idea

Some people are old fashion and they want a garden in their yards although they live in apartments. This idea is perfect for them. It is not only about creating your balcony garden but it is also about transforming your balcony into a green yard. You could transform your balcony into a yard by using  AstroTurf on your balcony floor.

The green landscape adds beauty and harmony to your balcony garden. It will certainly give you the feeling that you’re outside the crowded city. It is your own private green space.

4. Hanging balcony garden

Hanging balcony garden idea

This piece of beauty is another budget considerate beautiful and unique balcony garden. A hanging balcony garden keeps your balcony floor free for other uses. If your balcony is already decorated and you don’t have much space, this idea is the best solution for you. You don’t have to make space or remove any of your items.

This design is simple and easy to create. It simply uses eye hole hooks and connects the pots using metal rods, washers, and bolts. This unique balcony garden fits for flowers and herbs.

5. Modern balcony garden

Modern balcony garden idea

Balcony garden can also be contemporary and comfortable. This astonishing design is the proof of that. This is a perfect combination for home decor and the outdoor. this design is not hard to replicate as all you need is plants that match the color of your furniture. Flowers are the easiest choice since they’re cheap and come in different colors. For containers, well you can just paint them.

6. Multi-colors balcony garden

Multi-colors balcony garden idea

Some people are fond of colors. They just like colorful spaces. If you fall into this category, this is the perfect balcony garden idea for you. This is a very creative design. It took a lot of thinking and consideration to select the colors of pots. You could notice how well placed the colors are. This design literally transferred the balcony into a tangible work of art.

7. Italian balcony garden

Italian balcony garden idea

This design is inspired by an Italian window garden. It is colorful and joyful. Although it looks complicated, it is not. It is not expensive too. Window boxes are hung from the outside so they could be easily seen from below. It is an alluring decoration to your balcony’s appearance.

8. Rail garden

Rail balcony garden idea

If beauty that comes with minimum work is what you’re aspiring, then this balcony garden is the right choice for you. It is made of rail planters. Rail planters are popular because they don’t need any special skills or tools to be installed. Besides, they come in different colors. You just have to choose which plant you like to grow and it is all done.

9. Shelved balcony garden

Shelved balcony garden idea

Shelves are a lovely idea for balcony gardens. They keep your pots in order. They also give you a cleaner look. Both the pots and the shelves in the picture are easy to find.

10. Elegant balcony garden

Image result for Elegant balcony garden


This is a simple smooth design. The monochromatic color scheme allows the yes to rest. Black is the most elegant color while white conveys cleanliness. Together they offer a dramatic contrast. It is the best idea for a  sophisticated balcony garden.

11. The Victorian garden

Victorian balcony garden idea

We could also call it the feminine garden because it is the most feminine balcony garden. The pink color provides a sweet and calming effect and it is in great harmony with the Victorian style pots. Planting the post with pink roses makes the whole setting soothing. Additionally, the soft pink blanket and the fun pillow provide a sense of comfort making this balcony a perfect spot for a morning coffee or a morning tea.

12. Ammunition boxes balcony garden

Ammunition boxes balcony garden idea

Thinking out the bow always pays back. As you can see, you could make a balcony garden out of ammunition boxes. Hanging balcony gardens are always popular because they don’t use the balcony floor and they are easily hung.

in this design, Chains are hung from eye hooks on the balcony ceiling and ammunition boxes are secured to the chain by drilling a hole in each side of the box. They’re attached using a washer, screw, and bolt. If you’re not into the rustic appearance, you could use spray paint to brighten the boxes up.

13. Peace balcony garden

Peace balcony garden idea

What a peaceful view to look at!! This balcony brings peace to your soul. Blue is known to be the most peaceful color. Scientifically speaking, blue lowers our blood pressure and heart rate. As you can see, blue is the center stage of this balcony garden. It is an attention-catching color and it brings serenity. Painting the planters blue keeps the balcony gives the design uniformity.

Another important feature of blue is its accordance with other colors. Blue blends well with other colors. Therefore, no need to worry about the color of the plants you want to plant in your planters. Whatever the color you choose, it will definitely get along with this design.

14. Wall balcony garden

Image result for Wall balcony garden


Hanging wall gardens are becoming more and more popular. Most of these balcony gardens are created with succulents. Why succulents? well, it is a drought tolerant plant that requires neither much care nor watering.  It is a beautiful low maintenance plant.

If you wish to discover some amazing succulent gardens ideas for both indoor and outdoor decoration, click on this link.

The process of constructing this hanging balcony garden is easy. You will need to buy a bow with a backing. That will be easy and cheap. Fill it with soil and wire mesh to hold the soil in. Next plant your succulent or any other plant you want. Water it and leave it laying horizontally for several weeks to allow the roots time to establish. Then you could hang it vertically on your balcony’s fence.

15. clarity garden

clarity balcony garden idea

If tranquility and clarity are what you are looking for in your balcony garden, Bingo, you have found them. This design is based on greenery which allows the space to feel calm by not energizing the sense. Although it looks expensive, this is, in fact, a low maintenance balcony garden.

The uniformity of the design adds an extra touch of beauty and peace to the garden. The green planters are a smart choice as they perfectly match the plants. It is a very coherent and a very attractive balcony garden idea.

Balcony gardens are the perfect outdoor spaces. They decorate your house and they’re big enough to sit in and enjoy a lovely view of nature. They are easier to take care of than yard gardens. Therefore they are popular and trendy.

We hope that you found what you are looking for in these different great ideas and designs of balcony gardens. We made sure that most of the above designs are budget-friendly designs because we know how great is having a balcony garden.

Till next time, enjoy your gardening and don’t hesitate to contact us for any information.







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