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Best flowering houseplants: A list of the most decorative plants

Houseplants are always amazing. They don’t just decorate your house and bring life to it, but also purify and clean the air you are breathing. However, nothing is better than adding some colors. Flowering houseplants bring colors to your house and make it more joyful and cheerful.

Additionally, flowering houseplants are not expensive to maintain. They will survive a long time with the least attention. They are low maintenance and don’t require your consistent care. Below you will find the best flowering houseplants to decorate your house and enjoy an excellent home gardening experience.

1. African violet



Image result for African violet is an excellent choice if you are looking for a low maintenance ornamental flowering houseplant. There are a lot of varieties of African violet and all of them beautifully bloom. They require moderate sunlight exposure to growing. What makes them unique that they bloom in every color that matches your decor.

2. Hibiscus

Image result for hibiscus in container


If you want to add a tropical touch to your house, Hibiscus is the ultimate choice. They bloom hugely from late spring through fall. This flowering houseplant requires moist soil and a lot of sunlight exposure to bloom. For best results, it is better to place next to a window.

Hibiscus comes in a wide range of colors. It could be red, pink, orange, yellow, white, and even blue. The best feature of this flowering houseplant is that one single plant can have more than one color which makes really eye-catching.

3. Flowering Maple

Flowering Maple

This magnificent flowering houseplant blooms in red, pink, orange, or yellow. It could be grown up straight as a tree or in hanging baskets if you are looking for a unique appearance. What makes this houseplant gorgeous is that it constantly blooms.

4. Begonias


Begonias are known for being decorative outdoor plants. However, they are also great ornamental houseplants. If you provide them with the right care and adequate conditions, they will bloom constantly.  They only require a bright position. Place them next to a shaded window to get an extremely beautiful colorful blooming.

5. Kalanchoe


Succulents are known to be used for indoor ornament. Kalanchoe is the most beautiful succulent plant. Similar to the rest of its family, Kalanchoe does not require much caring. All you need to do is to water them occasionally when the soil is dry and you will have a beautiful flowering houseplant.

If you are interested in succulent plants, you may want to check these wonderful succulent garden ideas.

6. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is a very popular houseplant. It is widely used and loved because of its unique look and low maintenance. They can maintain their beauty while facing abuse and neglect. They can endure underwatering and overwatering. They are the perfect choice for a flowering houseplant.

7. Scented Geranium

Scented Geranium

This is an absolutely elegant and charming houseplant. Besides being highly decorative, this flowering houseplant releases an extremely nice smell. However, unlike the other houseplants, we have seen so far, this is not a low maintenance house plants. It requires care, moderate watering, and careful sunlight exposure.

If you are a fan of pleasant odors, take a look at these pleasant smelling flowers.

8. Poinsettia


This is a unique plant to add a colorful touch to your house. Poinsettia is more popular for its multicolor bracks than its flowers. It is widely used for indoor decoration. It is also popular because it is a low maintenance plant. It only requires warmth and protection from the strong draft.

9. Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Plant

Lipstick plant got its name from its color and shape that look like a lipstick. It is commonly used for outdoor decoration, but, it is also an excellent idea for indoor decoration. To survive indoor, it needs warm temperature. here is a detailed tutorial on how to grow lipstick plant indoors.

10. Jasmin


This is the most popular and the most loved smelling flower. Although Jasmine usually grows outdoor, it also can be grown indoors. Jasmin releases a very beautiful refreshing scent. Imagine, Just imagine your whole house smells like Jasmin, that would be a heavenly house. You can grow Jasmin indoor, but you will need to take a good care of it. Expose it to direct sunlight for hours daily and water it when needed.

11. Impatiens


Impatiens are beautiful flowering houseplants to grow. They are so colorful and so decorative. They can actually bright your house. Taking care of Impatiens can be tricky. They need a temperature above 55F, indirect sunlight for 8 hours daily and direct sunlight for 2 hours per day.

12. Oxalis


If you want to embellish your house with unique colors, then you should opt for Oxalis. It has a purple foliage and white or pink flower making it a lovely rare combination of colors. It is also a low maintenance flowering houseplant. It only needs a bright spot to bloom.

13. Cape Primrose

Cape Primrose

Cape Primrose is rare relative to the African violet. It obviously shares its beauty. This flowering houseplant has unique colors and appearance that will make it serve as a centerpiece of any room. It is the best top table embellishment. Besides, it blooms continuously.

14. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Well, this is the most famous flowering houseplant. It is an old-fashioned widely favorite ornament. It is loved mainly because when it blooms, it brightens up the place and creates a warm atmosphere that is hard to duplicate. This long favorite flower blooms in red, pink, white or orange.

15. Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

This is an extremely low maintenance houseplant. It only needs occasional watering and a sunny spot if possible to thrive. What makes this plant exceptional is its continuous blooming.  It is also available in a wide variety of colors.

16. Orchids


This is definitely a remarkable superb flowering houseplant. Growing Orchis indoor is totally different from growing any other houseplant. This alluring flowering houseplant does not require soil to grow. In fact, the soil may kill it. If you wish to learn how to grow Orchids, please follow this guide.

17. Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

Its scientific name is aphelandra squarrosa. Unfortunately, this attractive flowering houseplant is not a low maintenance plant. As a matter a fact, it requires a bit of green thumb to grow. It also requires high humidity and warm temperature. However, this alluring plant is totally worth the effort.

18. Moth Orchids


Moth Orchis is a great choice if you want to show off your houseplants. It is totally eye-catching and beautiful. Unlike other varieties of Orchids, Moth orchid is easy to grow and it is a low maintenance plant.



If you are into off the grid decoration, you should opt for Columnea. It is an excellent choice for hanging baskets. What makes this flowering houseplant exceptional, is that it is remarkable and alluring whether it is flowering or not. That is why it is called goldfish



Commonly known as the flamingo flower, has a unique shape. Its flowers and foliage are heart shaped. It is also popular for blooming in different colors such as pink, red, lavender, or white. Another unique feature of this beautiful flowering houseplant is that its blooming lasts around two months.

These are the best 20 flowering houseplants to adorn your house. They will definitely brighten up your place and add life to it. Besides, most of these plants are low maintenance which makes them perfect for home gardening. They are easy to take care of and don’t require much of your time.

If you have any suggestions please let us know, we would love to hear from you. Enjoy your home gardening.

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