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A Victoria’s Secret Model Reveals Her Six Favorite Body-Sculpting Exercises

You may recognize Joe Holder, a Nike trainer and health consultant, from the “mystery man” photos of Bella Hadid wearing activewear or from Georgia Fowler’s Snapchats from the gym in Shanghai, taken just before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s also possible that his inspiring morning mantras, #PlantBasedGang food shots, and fitness advice on everything from elbow alignment while running to new twists on the classic pull-up caught your eye on Instagram.

In this article we will show Holder’s six favorite full-body exercises, from a step with a resistance band to a plank that works the core.


1. Raise, Lunge, and Scoop

Start by standing up straight with your feet about shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell in your right hand. Step forward with your right foot. Once you have control, bring your right arm forward as you hinge and up over your head as you bring your left leg forward to meet your right leg. Make sure to perform three sets of eight reps on each side.


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