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The Secret to Boosting your Home’s WiFi Signal / Without Hiring a Professional

WiFi is now a must-have. We want to be able to use it all the time, no matter where we are. It is, however, a fickle thing. You might have a strong signal in one room and a very weak one in another. You might even have some annoying dead spots in a key part of your home.

There are many ways to solve this problem, such as buying a stronger router or a Wifi extender to boost the signals. You have to spend money on these choices. Good routers and extenders can cost as much as a couple hundred dollars. But did you know there are some clever ways to make the wifi signal much stronger? Yes, the answer might already be in your kitchen.

It has been shown that aluminum foil, which is usually used to wrap food, speeds up the Wifi signal. Keep reading this guide to find out how to use aluminum foil to boost the WiFi signal.


1. What You’ll Need:

  • aluminum foil,
  • a small box,
  • Glue/tape.

Collect these items, then proceed as described.

  1. The first step is to stick the aluminum to the box’s surface. The box should be roughly the same size as the router. The box that came with the router is just right for this. You could also use carton or cardboard to make your own box. Make sure that the foil covers everything. Use tape or glue to keep it from moving.
  2. Next, put the box on top of the antenna so that the end of the antenna is in one of the corners of the box. You can do this by cutting a small hole for the antenna to go through. The box should cover the antenna on all sides except one, which is the side that is open. Most routers have two antennas that send out the signals. Your box must be big enough to cover both antennas. If your router isn’t like this and doesn’t have antennas, the block should cover the router itself.
  3. If you are using an aluminum can, you’ll have to do a little more work. You’ll need to wash the can first, especially if it was a beer can, and then use strong scissors or a knife to cut off the top and bottom. If you have a hacksaw, it will make things a lot easier. Cut as close as you can to the top and bottom so you have enough aluminum to work with. You will be left with a hollow, cylinder-shaped can. Cut it in half vertically to get a flat sheet. If you put this sheet behind the router or antennas, the WiFi signal will be stronger. You can tape the aluminum sheet or foil to the back of the router’s antennas to keep it in place.
  4. This will do wonders. It will make the Wifi signal stronger and spread farther in the open direction. However, the range will be less in the area behind the box. The good news is that the box is simple to take off.

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