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15 Best Chicken Breeds for a Colorful Egg Basket

If you’re into homesteading and hobby farming, you’ve probably seen photos of egg baskets overflowing with multicolored eggs. You might be tempted to start your own flock of backyard chickens after seeing these colorful eggs, but do you know which breeds produce them?

Some popular chicken breeds produce unusually colored eggs, including blue, green, dark brown, and even pink. When you add these hens to your flock, gathering eggs will become a fun activity.

If you’re jealous of all those baskets filled with colorful chicken eggs, check out our list of chicken breeds that lay colored eggs.


1. Polish

This breed is a favorite in the backyard, and for good reason. Their funky and stylish feathers make them stand out from the rest of your flock. Polish chickens come in many different colors, and each one has a beautiful tuft of feathers on top of its head.

This breed is well-known for being calm, friendly, and quiet. Families with small children or people who just want cuddly chickens will find them to be the perfect pets. Every week, Polish chickens lay two to four white eggs.


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