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All Drivers Should Know What These 16 Dash Lights Mean

Any driver with a license should know that every car has a set of symbols on the dashboard that tell the driver about different problems or changes in how the car works. But if your last driving test was more than 10 years ago, you may have forgotten what the lights on your dashboard mean. You should learn or review the meanings of your car’s lights so that you know what to do in an emergency when a dash symbol comes on.

Some safety lights on the dashboard, like a battery warning or an oil pressure warning, let the driver know that there might be a problem with the car. Other dashboard lights show changes in how the car is working so that the driver can adjust to the change. One example of an active change is traction control, which makes it easier for the tires to grip the road when it’s wet. Here are some important car warning lights and symbols to help you remember them.


1. Battery Warning

The battery warning light isn’t too hard to figure out. It is usually red and looks like a regular car battery with a plus and minus sign on each side. This is a sign that something is wrong with the charging system of the car. Even though the symbol looks like a battery, the problem could be with the alternator, a corroded battery cable, or another part of the electrical system.

If you see this light, you should pull over and stop the car as soon as it is safe to do so. Call a tow truck and have a professional take a look at your car. If you don’t pull over, it’s likely that the engine will stop when the battery dies, leaving you to either coast to the side of the road if it’s safe or be stuck in the middle of the road.


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