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Discover Where Tomato Hornworms Hide Before They Destroy Your Crops with These Simple Tips!

The nightshade family of plants is particularly vulnerable to hornworms, which cause severe harm in a short time. Newly born worms will thrive on the fragile leaves of tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and eggplants.

Tobacco and tomato hornworms are the two main species of Hornworm. Despite their resemblance in appearance, you can tell them apart by the little horn on their heads. The horn of a tobacco hornworm is red, but the horn of a tomato hornworm is green or black.


1. Hornworm Damage — How to Prevent It

Hornworms can only be eradicated by locating and eradicating them. In reality, the only thing left to do is track them out and eliminate them before they can do any damage to your plants.

However, this can be a challenge. As you can see in the video we’ve included in this article, it can be incredibly challenging! Camouflage is the specialty of hornworms. Regardless of how young or old they are, they have a remarkable ability to blend in with the rest of the plant.

The good news is that you can catch them in the act if you know a few minor tricks. In the daytime, one of the secrets works exceptionally well, while the other can assist you locate and identify them in the night. Your plants will be protected from pests if you use both!

How To Find Tomato Hornworms?

Hornworm Damage

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