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Fantastic Garden Shed Ideas for a Successful Layout

Fantastic Garden Shed Ideas for a Successful Layout

Installing a shelter in one’s garden was originally used to store gardening and do-it-yourself tools. But this construction also has great potential, and can therefore be converted into a real living space, rather than a simple shed. Have you just built a shed in your garden? Here are some landscaping ideas to do around your cabin to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Bet on paints or stains

The application of a paint or a stain on these wooden garden sheds combines aesthetics with protection against UV rays, humidity and xylophagous insects.

All combinations of shades or colors are possible and are only limited by your inspiration. You can opt for the modernity of matte black, the elegance of white or even the audacity of pastel colours.

Stain remains the best solution for preserving the natural look of the wood in your garden sheds .

Build a terrace

Building a deck is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an idea for landscaping around a wooden garden shed . In addition to its decorative aspect, such an installation is also very practical because it allows you to gain additional square meters of surface.

Depending on the configuration of your house-garden and your land, several options are available to you:

  • In particular, you can build an adjoining, suspended or raised wooden terrace . Recycled pallets are also an alternative for furnishing the exterior of your shelter at a low price.

Build a pergola

The pergola is an excellent addition to the construction of a shelter , especially if you plan to convert it into a living space .

In addition to providing shade to protect you from the sun , it can serve as a support for your climbing plants, thus limiting the excess weight on your small garden shed .

Building a garden shed with a pergola obviously involves a higher budget, but it provides an exceptional aesthetic result.

Fantastic Garden Shed Ideas for a Successful Layout

Install outdoor furniture

Furniture remains a safe bet for successfully fitting out garden sheds in order to convert them into living spaces. In particular, you can install garden furniture, or a coffee table and chairs to have a friendly space.

A hanging chair or a hammock is also interesting for your moments of relaxation.

Original bench , swings and deckchairs are all ideas to complete the layout of garden sheds . However, you will need to make an awning against the weather if you plan to use furniture with textile cushions.

Plan a landscaped path in front of your wooden garden shed

The development of a driveway will allow you to highlight your shelter and perfect the overall aesthetics of your garden.

It is also advisable to plan the construction of the driveway before that of the garden shed in order to optimize access to the cabin.

Go for cobblestone or cobblestone sidewalks if you want a driveable and durable driveway. This type of driveway is indeed more practical for moving a wheelbarrow or even a lawn mower.

Gravel and exotic wood are also excellent solutions for bringing more originality to an exclusively pedestrian driveway.

Greenery to decorate the surroundings of your garden house

Use vegetation to refine the layout of your garden shed while bringing freshness. In particular, bet on climbing plants that you can carry on the walls, on a pergola or even through a wooden trellis.

Be sure to choose the plant carefully, however, to avoid accumulating weight and moisture on your walls and roof.

You can also opt for planter suspensions to integrate hanging plants, or shelves to place your flower pots.

If you have a preference for perennials, you have the option of building a flowerbed or a flowerbed at the foot of your wooden garden shed . Shrubs are not to be outdone, and can also be used to mark out the path leading to it.

Fantastic Garden Shed Ideas for a Successful Layout

Install lights around your garden shed

Like the furniture, garden lighting is important for the development of a wooden cabin .

In particular, plan the necessary installations for interior and exterior lighting when you undertake the project of building a garden shed . It is the same for the paths and the perimeter of your hut which can be decorated with spotlights or beacons.

From spotlights to bollard lights, including floor lamps, wall sconces and pendant lights, the range of items available on the market allows you to light your shelters according to your style of layout.

Set up shelves

It is also very practical to arrange a garden shed with shelves inside as well as outside. This helps to optimize your storage space while enhancing the decorative side of your wooden shed .

Your storage shelves allow you to organize your garden equipment and your DIY equipment. To go further, you can also use it to present flower pots or even hang works of art for decorative purposes.

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