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Forget About the Black Spots on Your Roses With These Simple Tips

In the eyes of rose producers, black spot would be the most dangerous fungal disease that threatens roses. Once your roses are infected with black spot disease, it can be difficult to get it under control.

The initial indicators of black spot are irregularly shaped patches up to half an inch in diameter, most commonly on the upper surface of the leaves. Foliage turns yellow and eventually falls off the plant prematurely as the illness progresses upwards from the base.

During the first year or two, black spot is unlikely to kill your plants, but if left unchecked, it will make them more vulnerable to other illnesses and less able to withstand harsh winters.

2. How do black spots spread?

The wind is the primary means of dispersing black spot spores from leaf to leaf and plant to plant, although moisture is required for them to germinate. As a result, lengthy periods of rainy and humid weather are excellent for the spread of black spot.

Black spot treatment

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