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Great Ideas for Creating a Green Wall Indoors

Great Ideas for Creating a Green Wall Indoors

Green plants are more and more inviting in our interiors. In the living room, in a bedroom , an office or even in the kitchen, today they are storming the vertical surfaces offered by the walls. Discover in this article our ideas for creating a vertical green garden at home.

A vegetal painting

Very trendy, the plant painting is above all designed as an element of contemplation. It is a unique work created with 100% natural materials: green or colored mosses, lichens, ferns, pine cones… are harmoniously arranged by a plant craftsman.

These plants are stabilized . Their sap has been replaced by a biodegradable product that preserves plants. They keep their green appearance and their natural feel for several years if they are not exposed to direct sunlight too often.

No maintenance is therefore to be expected: no fertilizer, not even a single watering. Only dusting from time to time allows them to retain their original aesthetics.

These plant paintings are generally created to measure. These are unique works that are suited to the rest of your interior design. They can be used to decorate a bedroom but are more highlighted in the living room, on a wall above the sofa or a low modern sideboard.

A vegetal atmosphere on your walls more real than life!

Modern wallpapers from Photowall have nothing to do with their ancestors. Advances in print resolution now offer incredibly fine photos or high-color illustrations that are larger than life!

These wall decorations can be used to delimit an entrance, to dress up a section of the wall in an adult or children’s room, an office, a living room or even in the kitchen.

Their installation no longer has anything to do with old wallpapers either: Of course, the installation remains traditional, with powdered glue mixed with water, but it is applied directly to the wall. We then set up the lengths of wallpaper edge to edge, being careful to match the patterns.

If you want a more discreet vegetal atmosphere and you like to DIY, you can recut these wall posters to create frames of various sizes or to personalize and decorate the back of the living room library.

Create a green wall inside

Most of the time, houseplants are arranged on a piece of furniture or are placed directly on the ground. Why not set yourself apart from these habits by dedicating, for example, an entire section of the wall to create a vertical garden in your living room?

Several solutions are possible and easy to achieve.

Great Ideas for Creating a Green Wall Indoors

A jungle atmosphere on shelves

You can attach shelves across the width of the wall. The plants are then installed in natural planters: rattan, wicker or with woven banana leaves.

Choose indoor plants that are not very demanding in terms of maintenance and which adapt to little light: spathiphyllum and Chlorophytum, for example, are perfectly suitable. Their lush green foliage will bring your creation to life.

On these shelves, do not hesitate to mix these plants with decorative objects on the theme of nature or even books to make a trendy library.

Great Ideas for Creating a Green Wall Indoors

A fanciful wall of plants

Do not hesitate to create a wall that looks like you, mixing geometric rigor and communicative fantasy like here.

Play with the different textures, volumes and varied ports of the range of indoor plants. For example, you can fix a few natural wood niches on your walls to have succulents that will remain strictly framed or escape as they please.

Next to or in front of these geometric shapes, place hanging green plants to provide a sensation of a vegetal waterfall or others, with a more disheveled form, to give more fantasy.

At nightfall, the lights provide a new perspective on your creation. Use large decorative bulbs, suspended by ropes.


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