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How To Grow a Bonsai Tree

The Chinese created Bonsai trees two thousand years ago when they shrunk a full sized tree intetntionally by methodically trimming its branches and roots. The Bonsai tree is know for being very powerful meditation tool and it is whorshipped in China because it can bring peace and calming in all the house.

The Bonzai was intentionally “dwarfed” which is a difficult operation and it can be very difficult to grow! Bonsai tress can be bought fromany local nurseries or can be grown from seed. Being exotic you won’t be able to find them in the local nursery. You must head to the tropical plants and exotics maybe you can locate one.

If you bought the tree from a nursery, you have to remove it from its plastic container which is absolutely

undersirable they just put it then cut off the bottom two-thirds of the roots. Use a miniature rake to expose the roots, and then mist really well with water.

Next, this step is very important you have to remove any dead and unsightly branches. The tree will lose its beauty If it is full of dead branches hanging around then put the tree in a pot of your own choice and put soil around the roots. It is recommended that you topp the soil with a few pebbles or a bit of moss. Transplanting is very traumatic for plants in general especially Bonsai tree. After you potted your plant make sure it is watered very well.

Finally, you have to decide which type you want to make your branches. Chaping the Bonsai tree can be really difficult and it can harm the tree at some point. We recommend that you take it to a specialist to take care of shaping the tree, unless you are skilled then you can do it by your self. Many gardeners recommend applying wire to the branches to  shape any unsightly or crooked branches. Wrap them snugly  with some wire then remove the wires when the tree has grown used to it’s new shape.

Watering this tiny tree is very crucial. Make sure that the soil is damp, you mustn’t allow the soil to get fully dry. You should apply fertilizer to your once monthly and it is forbidden to use fertilizer in winter. The tree can tolerate 40 degrees and you can put it outdoors when the weather is cool.

What do you think about these ideas everyone? aren’t they lovely? Which idea you were excited about it ? Do you want to incorporate it in your garden ? If you think so please tell us your thoughts in comments and if you have any suggestion or idea please feel comfortable and share it with us. We will be happy to see what you have in mind. Thank you for reading!! don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow us on Pinterest.


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