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Grow Your Hanging Baskets From Seed This Year – Grow Big, Save Big!

Plants in a hanging basket can brighten up any room. They can serve as a stunning landscaping focal point, spruce up an otherwise dull porch, or add vibrancy to a patio.

But, oh my, are they pricey! In fact, the cost of these planters has exploded in recent years. A little basket with a diameter of 8 inches to 10 inches can cost you $20 or more.

If you want something bigger than that, you can tack on another $40-$50 to the price tag without batting an eye. And that’s why, a few years ago, we started growing all of our hanging baskets from seed. It’s not only simple and cheap, but it also lets you grow a wide variety of fascinating and unusual species.

Here’s a look at how to get the best-looking hanging baskets on the block by growing your own plants this year.


1. The Key to Success

The key to successfully developing baskets from seed is to start them off in a warm, humid environment as early as possible. This involves starting seeds indoors for annual flowers at least 10 to 12 weeks before you plan to plant them outside.

That’s a whole month earlier than you’d normally start vegetable seeds, but it’s crucial. This will give the plants plenty of time to mature and bloom, bringing instantaneous vibrancy to your outdoor space.

Seeds Vs. Purchasing Transplants

Buying transplants to grow your own flower baskets is always a possibility. In addition, you can save a ton of cash by using that technique.

Although it is possible to germinate seeds in hanging baskets, we find that starting annuals in seed trays is far more successful. Until they are large enough to be transplanted (4–6 weeks), you can concentrate your lights and growth efforts in a much smaller area.

Starting plants on a windowsill is something you should avoid when growing hanging baskets from seed. Because of the lack of light, plants will be stunted in their development. Use fluorescent or LED store lights – they’re cheap and effective!

When it comes to distinctive plants for hanging baskets, we love growing decorative peppers. They are resistant to drought and pests and look great throughout the season.

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