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How to grow Cucumbers Vertically: Step by Step Guide

Growing cucumbers vertically is a widespread idea. Besides being a refreshing edible vegetable, growing cucumbers vertically is also a beautiful decoration. In fact, they are used as a vertical decorative garden in a lot of spaces, especially for front doors and balconies.

Growing cucumbers vertically is more productive than growing them in the ground. Besides, it does not only save you space but also protects your plants from pests and diseases. Vertical cucumbers are less susceptible to a fungal infection such as powdery mildew.

Growing cucumber vertically is easy. It only needs constant exposure to sunlight and a lot of watering. By providing these two conditions, growing cucumbers vertically will result not only in a heavy yield but also your cucumbers will grow to be extremely healthy and large. You will find everything you need to grow cucumbers vertically in the below guide.

1. Choosing a container and a trellis

growing cucumbers vertically

For growing cucumbers vertically you will need a big sized container. The container you choose should be at least 12 inches wide and deep.  The type of variety you choose determines how many cucumbers you can grow per container. For large varieties such as a vining variety.

Additionally, you will need a strong trellis that will hold the fruits of your cucumbers. A 6 feet trellis will provide enough for your cucumbers to grow perfectly.

2. Soil

Cucumbers prefer a warm soil with a temperature of 65F. It should also be a rich in organic matter soil. You should keep the ph neutral, that is to say; between 6 and 7 soil.  It is also preferable that use a well-draining soil. Add decomposed manure and compost.

3. Planting

For growing cucumbers vertically, propagation is not necessary, however, it is extremely recommended. Sow your seeds into a small pot. Dig a 2 cm hole and put your seed in it. Cover it carefully with soil.

When your plant becomes visible and has some leaves, it means it has germinated and it is time to move it to the container you want to use for your vertical garden. Cucumber is a tropical vegetable that loves warmth, if you live in a hot area, you can grow cucumbers all around the year.

After planting your seedling, you should mulch around to help the soil retain moisture, it is good for the health of your cucumbers and improves the yield.

4. Position

As we stated earlier, cucumber is a tropical vegetable that loves warmth. To get the best results for growing cucumbers vertically, temperature degrees should range between 60 and 90F.

Cucumbers also need a lot of sunlight. You should expose them to direct sunlight at least for 6 hours daily.

5. Watering

If you want to harvest a heavy yield, you should water your cucumber frequently and regularly.  Cucumbers contain highly watered fruits, thus, they need deep watering to grow healthy. You should also be careful when watering, If you water the foliage, your plants may get infected by some diseases. Fungal diseases are the most dangerous ones.

If you are afraid of overwatering, insert your finger half an inch into the soil and if it is dry then this means that your cucumbers need watering. Check every time using this way before you water your plants. If the temperature degrees rise above 90F, water your cucumbers daily.

6. Fertilizing

Cucumbers are not heavy feeders, they need to be fertilized just twice. Once when you plant your seedling into the container and once when the plants reach 10 inches tall. For best results, use a 10-10-10 or 10-20-10 fertilizer.  Use fertilizers according to the manufacturer ‘s instructions.

7. Harvesting

growing cucumbers vertically

Wait 90 days after sowing the seeds to harvest your cucumbers. Sometimes, it takes less than 90 days for your cucumbers to be totally mature. Don’t let the fruit overripe. Therefore, it is better to harvest them early.

These are the best tips to grow cucumbers vertically. Remember for growing cucumbers vertically, large containers leads to better results. If you are interested in vertical gardening. You should check this fabulous guide on how to grow tomatoes vertically.

Enjoy your gardening and don’t hesitate to contact us.




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