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Here Are 10 Gardening Uses of White Vinegar That You’ve Never Thought Of!

If you want an organic garden, you must stop using chemical pesticides and plant foods and start using vinegar instead. You can use this method to get rid of weeds and keep your fruits, veggies, and plants flourishing in your garden naturally.

These are ten methods to use apple cider and white vinegar in your garden:

1. Eliminate Weeds

Eliminate Weeds

To get rid of unwanted garden growth, sprinkle some apple cider vinegar on it.

2. Keep Flowers Fresh

Keep Flowers Fresh

To preserve the freshness of the flowers, mix a quart of water with a teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar before adding them.

3. Get Rid of Snails and Slugs

Get Rid of Snails and Slugs

If you want to keep the critters away from your blooms, use some undiluted vinegar.

4. Food for Acid-Loving Plants

Food for Acid-Loving Plants

If you want to cultivate plants like holly, begonias, azaleas, hydrangeas, and rhododendrons in acidic soil, you should add a cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water and spray them.

5. Cleanse Your Hands of Allergens

After a day in the garden, wash your hands with distilled vinegar to eliminate dirt and relieve itching.

6. Get Rid Ants

Get Rid Ants

Spray the anthills with a solution of vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio.

7. Clean Your Garden Tools

Rinse the garden tools with water after soaking them in vinegar overnight to remove the rust and filth. You can also submerge it with a plastic bag filled with vinegar tied to the water faucet.

8. Keep the Cats Away

Keep the Cats Away

Pour some distilled vinegar on the sand and dirt to deter cats from using the garden as a toilet.

9. Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Cotton balls soaked in distilled vinegar placed in a 35mm film container, with multiple holes drilled in the lid, and left in the garden should deter rabbits from visiting your garden if they are a regular occurrence.

10. Clean Out the Birdbath

Clean Out the Birdbath

A mixture of undiluted water and white vinegar should be used to clean the birdbath.

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