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How do Cats Display Their Love? Check These 7 Signs of Love

Cats express their love for those they consider family in a variety of adorable ways, including kissing, grooming, tail fluffing, chirping, and meowing. The subtlety of a cat’s displays of affection makes them easy to misread or perhaps miss altogether.

So, how do cats display affection? Cats are not known for their outward displays of affection toward humans. They don’t wag their tails or give kisses to their loved ones like some dogs do. Instead of openly showing their adoration, cats prefer to whisper.

Here are some signs of a cat’s love that every cat parent should know.


1. Through their eyes

If your cat looks at you with half-closed eyelids while gently blinking, it likely trusts and appreciates your company. Cats are known for their unique eye blinks, which are known as “cat kisses” and are mutual. By giving your cat kisses, you may show her that you love her as well. This loving gesture from a cat will improve your bond with her and help you both relax. Maybe she’ll give you a few slow blinks as a response.


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