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How Radiant Floor Heating Works & Its Potential to Save You Money

Radiant floor heating comes in various forms, and they may all do an excellent job of warming a room. However, an on-demand radiant floor system takes those efficiencies to the next level.

The heating system is built around a central unit that heats the water only when it is needed. Instead of relying on a boiler or hot water tank to store a supply of heated water, this system allows for instantaneous heating of water by routing it through a central unit.

The system can be powered by propane or natural gas, and the heating jets only activate when hot water is required. This is where the real savings happen. There is no need to constantly heat a tank of water that is sitting idle.


1. How Does It Work?

To turn on the floor heat, just turn the thermostat up, and the floor will start to slowly warm up. This is done by circulating hot water through the tubes, which then radiates heat upward into the room.

Because heat naturally rises, it is to the system’s advantage to have it begin at the lowest possible place. Once the floor has been heated, the water will circulate through it, heating only if the temperature drops below the range set.

Radiant floor heat is consistent, unlike that provided by a conventional furnace. You can always count on the temperature to rise. If you open a door or a window, some hot air will escape, but you’ll shortly be greeted by the upward radiation of more hot air.

When it gets cold, you can switch on your system, and it will stay on all the way through the middle of April, when the weather starts to warm up. It simply heats up when it’s needed to, so there’s no need to fret about wasting fuel. The best part? You won’t have to worry about keeping track of dirty furnace filters or cleaning up after a dust storm whenever the furnace decides to turn on.

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