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How To Arrange a Small Garden

How To Arrange a Small Garden

If you have a small garden, there are a few tricks you can use to arrange it and make it bloom while giving the illusion of space.

Make room in the center of the garden

If you have a small garden, do not plant everything and anywhere.

Think carefully before installing tall plants and trees. Avoid planting them in the heart of the garden.

To give a feeling of space, install a central lawn, a terrace or a grassy path.

Plant the beds rather on the outskirts, against the fence for example.

Be sure to free up the visual field as widely as possible from the house to give depth to the decor.

At the bottom of the garden, which is now clear, install a decorative ornament (bench, furniture or cabin) that will catch the eye and emphasize the perspective.

Use surrounding vegetation

Take advantage of the advantages of your neighbors’ trees without having the disadvantages (leaves to be picked up in autumn, shade that harms the growth of plants, etc.).

In a small garden a tree tends to take up all the space. Set up your beds on the edge of your property.

Hide the boundaries of your garden

Hide fences, walls…

For this, you can for example place beds of shrubs, roses and flowers. Or install pergolas or arbors lined with climbing plants around the edge of the garden.

This will give the illusion that the decor extends beyond the boundaries of your garden and it will produce a feeling of spaciousness.

Plant in the right order

How To Arrange a Small Garden

Place the plants according to their height!

Respect the organization of the flowerbeds by arranging the low, ground-covering plants in the foreground, the medium-sized subjects in the background and the tallest and most voluminous ones in the background.

Mix flowering plants with colorful foliage that will take over when the blooms have passed.

Your garden will thus appear harmonious and larger than you would have imagined.

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