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How To Avoid These 13 Things That Can kill Plants In Containers

Once you get the hang of container gardening, you might find yourself growing more and more pots every year. However, keeping plants alive and thriving in containers does not necessitate the same care routines as growing plants in the ground.

If you want your plants to thrive in their containers, you should avoid doing the following 12 mistakes.


1. Overwatering

New gardeners often incorrectly believe that more water is always better. All plants, whether in containers or not, have varying watering requirements that shift with the seasons, the amount of sunlight available, and the room temperature and humidity. If you are aware of how much water each plant prefers, you may easily avoid this issue.

The majority of plants (with the exception of moisture-loving plants) prefer when the top surface of the substrate dries out between waterings, while some require the soil to be maintained slightly damp. If you want to know if the soil is moist or dry, you can stick your finger in there for an inch and feel.


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