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How to Care For Your Hostas This Fall? When & How to Cut Back, Divide, and Transplant Hostas in the Fall?

If you put in a little effort this fall, you’ll be rewarded with much healthier hostas in your flowerbeds next spring. And that means hostas with bolder hues, expanded leaf sizes, and fuller flower clusters!

Hostas are among the most widely grown perennials. They provide major color and interest to flowerbeds, growing rapidly in the spring and blooming in the middle of summer.

How to take care of your Hostas in the Fall?


1. When & how to prune hostas

Herbaceous perennials are what we call hostas. Furthermore, their rhizomes (short tuberous roots) supply all the nutrients needed for leaf development. These roots are exceptionally sturdy and resilient.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of having deer gnaw on your hostas during the growing season, you’ll know that the plant will always recover and continue to produce new leaves.

This is a crucial consideration for the rest of the summer and into the fall. When a plant has been ravaged by pests such as insects or animals, it is quite OK to remove it completely.

If there is still time for warm weather, it will cheerfully re-establish its foliage. Additionally, this will help your flowerbeds seem better as a result.

When & how to prune hostas

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