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How to Divide the Agapanthus?

How to Divide the Agapanthus?

Do you want to propagate an agapanthus that you have been growing in the ground or in pots for several years? Nothing’s easier ! It is enough to divide its root ball at the end of winter. Here’s how.

Why divide an agapanthus?

There are many reasons why you might want to remove agapanthus from one place and move them elsewhere in the garden . You can then take the opportunity to divide them.

Like many flowering plants, despite fertilizer and regular maintenance , agapanthus ages and blooms less after several years of cultivation . A division makes it possible to regenerate and rejuvenate it.

Sometimes, it is also the chosen location that does not suit him. Indeed, the agapanthus flowers little, if at all, in a situation that is too shady, whereas on the contrary this beautiful flowering plant needs a sunny location and well-drained and sufficiently rich soil. These poor growing conditions are easy to correct: just extract your agapanthus plant and replant it elsewhere .

When to divide an agapanthus?

The best time to divide an agapanthus is at the end of winter, when the young leaves begin to grow back.

This division should only be made on agapanthus that have been grown in the same place for several years. Their tuft is thus large enough to be able to be divided into several large shards, each with their roots .

How to Divide the Agapanthus?

How to divide an agapanthus step by step?

  • To start, insert a straight spade or a fork-spade all around the clump of agapanthus, keeping 10 to 15 cm away to avoid damaging the superficial roots of the plant. Indeed, the roots of an agapanthus are quite fragile and brittle fleshy rhizomes .
  • Once the clod is completely surrounded, slide the spade blade under the plant and tilt the handle to extract it from the ground .
  • To divide your agapanthus , you can use the trowel, the edge of the spade, a knife or even a small saw. Push the chosen tool all the way up to cut the clod right through.

Each piece of agapanthus made must have between 4 and 6 leaf departures in order to promote a good recovery in the spring. This will make it possible to obtain the first flowers the following summer.

How to transplant agapanthus?

Choose a location in a flower bed or border along the house .

Dig a hole 25cm wide and 15cm deep. If the soil is heavy, mix compost, sand or gravel.

Position the root ball of your divided agapanthus in the center of the hole , spreading its rhizome and fleshy roots at the bottom.

The crown of the plant should be left slightly above the final soil level to prevent it from rotting with excess moisture.

Cover the sides with soil. Tamp firmly by pressing with your hands all around the root ball.

Finally, water generously. Later in the spring, you can spread a surface mulch around the base to limit the drying out of the soil.


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