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How To Grow Arugula In Containers Successfully

Arugula is an ancient leafy vegetable that is known for its health benefits and delicious taste. This leafy green is widely used in kitchens as a salad or as an addition to meals. Due to its fantastic taste and health benefits, this plant is very popular among many master chefs around the globe. Arugula is expensive and costs more than other lettuces. Therefore, in this article, we will provide with the best guide to learn how to grow Arugula in containers successfully.

1. Choose A variety

There are two main varieties of Arugula, Wild Italian and common. The Wild Italian variety is very flavorful how it is hard to cook with and its taste become bitter. Therefore, we recommend you to buy common Arugula seeds. Common seeds will develop tasty leafy greens that are easy to cook.

2. Choosing A Pot

If you are growing Arugula in a container, remember that these leafy vegetables require a large sized pot to grow. The pot should be at least 24 inches wide and deep. Make sure that has a good number of drainage holes. Drainage is very important.

3. Planting The Seeds

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The best time to grow the seeds is early spring. Whether you are planting in your garden or container, make sure that you sow the seeds ¼ inch (6.5 mm) below the surface of the soil. After planting, water them carefully. It is recommended that you water the seeds when the top inch of the soil is dry.

If you are planting in a container, you should keep the seeds inside until they sprout. If you are planting in your garden, sow new seeds every couple of weeks.

4. Soil Requirements

This plant needs well-drained soil with a neutral ph level to grow and thrive. Introduce amendments to the soil before and add well-rotted manure or compost before sowing. You should prepare your garden soil in the fall if you want to plant in the spring by gently raking the garden soil so that it’s even and free of any big rocks, sticks, or dirt clods. However, if you are planting in a container, you should avoid using your garden soil and buy a good potting mix.

5. location

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Although this plant prefers sunny locations, it can also grow in partially shady spots. The ideal spot for Arugula is where it can at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Therefore, if you are planting in your garden you should choose the location carefully. However, for containers, you can move it easily to meet Arugula’s growth requirements.

6. Watering

Arugula requires frequent regular watering. You should water your plant at least once a week. However, don’t waterlog the soil. You can tell that your greens need watering when the top 2.5 inches of the soil is dry to the touch.

7. Harvesting

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This leafy green grows fast. You can harvest them with 30 after planting. You can start picking the leaves when the plant reaches 1-2 feet.

These are the best tips on how to grow Arugula in containers. It will help get you a constant supply of this delicious and healthy veggie.


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