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How To Grow Basil In Water?

Growing herbs is becoming more and more every day as these plants are not only easy to grow but also, they’re very useful in today lives. Herbs can be added to anything we eat and drink. Herbs like Basil has a refreshing good scent, flavor and they’re rich in nutrients.

With the increase demand on these healthy herbs, they became more expensive. Therefore, turning to growing your own herbs will save you money. Best of all, some herbs such as basil, mint, lemon balm, oregano, stevia, rosemary, sage, oregano, and thyme can be grown in water.

In this informative article we will show you how to grow Basil in water. Basil is a versatile herb that is used in various parts of the world. It has a very strong smell and rich in nutrients.

Why Grow Basil In Water ?

Many nature loving people in flats with no space for gardening or having some nature around, other simply do not like handling potting soil and planters. In these cases, growing some herbs that do not actually need soil to grow is the best idea.

How To Grow Basil In Water?

So, if you don’t like dealing with soil and cleaning around, then all you need is a jar or a glass grow basil in. The size depends on the number of cuttings you’re growing to grow.

1. Choosing The Cuttings

Plants grown in water can grow only from cuttings as seeds do not grow without soil. The cutting should be from a mature stem. Choose a branch that looks healthy and young. You can cut some cuttings directly from another Basil or but several cuttings from the nursery store.

If you’re planning on getting the cuttings from another, make sure to follow the below tips:

  • They should be between 4 and 6 inches in length.
  • Make the cut at an angle, just below a leaf node.
  • Choose the cut from the bottom of the stem.

Below a picture demonstrating how healthy cuttings look like:

How To Grow Basil In Water?

2. Preparing The Cuttings

The branch you have cut now will become a stem. Remove all the leaves from the lower two-thirds of, inspect it thoroughly for flowers, buds, or large leaves and remove the too. Be careful while doing this as the stem is still just a young branch and can be easily damaged.

3. Planting in Water

Choose a transparent Jar preferably a glass jar that gives your plants an adequate space to grow. Since you are growing Basil in water, the stems will need space between each to develop a healthy root system in water.

Fill the jar with non-chlorinated water until 2/3 (60-70%) part of the stem from the bottom submerges in water and no leaves are left above water level.

4. Growing Tips

Basil like all herbs need moisture and sunlight to grow. Therefore, you should always keep the jar in a spot where your herb gets at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. Window shells are the perfect location for indoors plants.

The little care that Basil need when grown in water, is to change its water every couple of days. This will help prevent the growth algae and bacteria.

If you are growing several plants in once big jar than you can change water every month or so. We also recommend to mix each 1L of water with 1 gram of balanced fertilizer like N-P-K 20-20-20.

5. Harvesting

You can start picking leaves as soon as the herb develops roots. Developing the roots usually take between a week or a two. But it is fine to be a patient and wait about 4 weeks.

You can keep growing Basil from your existing plants by cutting branches from them and grow them in different jars. Basil is productive all year round and as you have seen, it does not require much care.

If you need more information, please let your queries below.


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