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How To Grow Calamansi In Containers Successfully

Philippine lime, commonly known as Calamnsi, is a citrus fruit tree. This citrus tree is popular because it produces fruits that contain a high amount of Vitamin C. Growing Calamnsi is beneficial especially that this particular citrus fruit tree is expensive and quite unavailable. Besides, you don’t need a garden to grow Calamnsi as it can be grown in pots easily. This article contains all the information you need to learn how to grow Calamansi in containers successfully.

  1. Choose a pot

how to grow calamansi in containers

It is recommended to use plastic planters for Calamansi. You can start with a small sized container for sowing the seeds. However, as your citrus tree grows, you will need to transplant it into a bigger container. The container you choose should be deep and wide enough to allow your tree to grow comfortably.

2. Use a good quality soil

Grow Calamansi Indoors in Containers or Pots - Philippine Lime | www.dahr-castro.com

A well-drained soil is required for growing Calamansi. You can buy good quality soil from your local nursery store or online. The most recommended soil to use is Miracle-Gro potting soil. You can find it at Amazon.com. Once you have the soil ready, fill your container with it.

3. Get Seeds

calamnsi seeds to learn how to grow calamnsi in pots

Each Calamnsi fruit contains many seeds. Grab the fruit and cut it into two halves. Takes a small bowl and squeeze all the seeds and juice in it. Then take out the Calamansi seeds and dry them out. You should avoid using the big seeds to grow Calamnsi. Small seeds germinate faster.

4. Planting

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You don’t need to plant Calamnsi seeds deep in the soil. A one-inch hole is enough. You should also keep some space between the holes. This is not necessary but it is recommended for optimum growth.

4. Cover the container

Grow Calamansi Indoors in Containers or Pots - Philippine Lime | www.dahr-castro.com

In order to accelerate the germination of the seeds, you can cover them with a plastic cover or a food film. Don’t forget to leave a small opening for the oxygen. The plastic cover will help your soil retain moisture and warmth which are essential elements for the growth of Calamansi.

5. Growth requirements

Calamnsi tress love warmth. They are tropical plants that love being exposed to direct sunlight. Besides accessing to full sun, Calamansi trees require the following:

  • Moist soil
  • Warm temperature
  • Humidity

In 6 weeks, you will start to see Calamnsi seedling. If you have already planted them in a large pot, that is perfect. If not, you should transplant them.

I hope now you know how to grow Calamansi in containers. These steps are very effective and they will guarantee you a successful crop.


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