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How To Grow Calamansi Indoors: 6 Steps To Keep In Mind

Growing Calamnsi indoors is a great idea to enjoy the health and the ornamental values of this gorgeous citrus plant. Growing Calamansi indoors is not difficult. Besides, it is highly recommended if you live in a disfavorable climate for growing Citrus. However, before you learn how to grow Calamansi indoors, you should know how to grow Calamansi in containers.

This article is a detailed guide on how to grow Calamansi indoors. You can grow Calamnsi indoors either from seeds or from cuttings. Either way, Scroll down and follow the below instructions for a productive indoor Calamansi tree.

  1. Select an adequate container

how to grow calamansi indoors in containers

The variety you are planning on growing determines the size of the container you should use. Small varieties require small containers, large varieties need large containers. However, for growing Calamansi indoors, you should opt for a small varity in order to control your indoor space better.

In addition, small varieties are not heavy and you can move them around in your house to provide them with better growing conditions. However, whether you are growing a small size variety or a large variety, you should always choose a deep container. Depth is essential for the growth of this citrus tree.

Besides depth, keep in mind that drainage is also vital not only for Calamansi but also for any tree you are growing indoors.

2. A good quality potting mix is essential

Image result for potting mix for citrus trees

IF you want to learn how to grow Calamansi indoors, you should learn how to create a good potting mix first. A standard potting mix is good enough to grow Calamansi indoors, but since the soil does not dry out quickly indoors, it is advisable that you add some sand to your potting mix.

Calamnsi also needs a well-drained soil to grow. One of the best ways to make any container soil drains well is to add some pebbles at the bottom of the container before filling it with soil. You can also buy a potting mix for citrus trees and grow your Calamansi in it.

3. Choose a good location

how to grow calamansi indoors: the best locations

The locations you choose for your container is a crucial factor for the growth of Calamansi trees indoors. Calamnsi needs to receive bright but indirect sunlight. Thus, placing the container next to a window is an excellent idea to provide your Calamansi tree with the amount of sunlight it needs.

4. Watering

watering Calamansi

In winter, you will need to water Calamansi once w week. However, when you decide to move them out in the summer, you should water them daily. You should take your plant outside only in late afternoon or early morning otherwise they will get burnt by the sunlight. If your plant’ leaves become curled, this indicates that your plant needs more water.

5. Pollinating the flowers

Pollinating the flowers

Indoors plants need hand pollination because there are no insects to pollinate them. To pollinate Calamansi, you can use a Q-Tip. However, Calamansi trees may pollinate themselves even if they are grown indoors. I don’t know how it happens but it happened to many gardeners.

6. What you should be careful of

What you should be careful of

Although Growing Calamansi trees indoors makes them less prone to pests attacks and infections. You should always be careful of the aphid infestation. You should also be careful of spider mites. They are dangerous and they are able to attack your plants indoors.

This is how to grow Calamnsi indoors. These instructions are essential for your plant to grow and thrive. They will help you grow a healthy plant. If any of your friends want to grow a citrus tree indoors, don’t hesitate to share this informative article with them. They will be grateful.



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