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How to grow Celosia: The best steps for growing Celosia

Celosia is also called cockscomb and feathery amaranth. It is a member of the Amaranthaceae family. the Amaranthaceae family includes extremely beautiful and showy plants such as Celosia.

This alluring ornamental plant originates from Asia and Africa. Growing Celosia is easy and to learn how to grow celosia, you only need to read this article.

1. The most recommended Celosia varieties

How to grow Celosia

There are many varieties of Celosia, the most recommended decorative varieties are:

  • Celosia Argentea: originates from Asia. It is distinguished by dark green leaves. It also flowers beautifully for about 8 weeks. Celosia Argentea grows up to one meter providing gardens not only with beauty but also privacy.
  • Celosia Cristata: In China, it is called Chi Kuan. It is a very exotic plant with a head that looks like a rooster. That is the reason why it is also called cockscomb. It comes in a variety of colors such as yellow, red, and white. Flowers and leaves of this plant are edible.
  • Celosia Plumosa: is one of the shortest Celosa varieties. It is average height does not exceed 40 cm. The flowers of this plant are known for their ability to preserve their color even after they are dried out. That is why this plant is popular for aesthetic reasons.
  • Celosia Caracas: is a blooming plant that usually blooms for three months from summer to fall. They make alluring cut flowers.

2. Planting Celosia: Seeds or Seedlings

How to grow Celosia

You can grow Celosia from seeds or store brought seedlings. Before you choose, you should keep in mind that if you start Celosia from seeds it is highly likely that you will get plants that are different from the parent plant. Therefore, if you like surprises, you may get a few pleasant ones.

Here are the instructions to learn how to grow Celosia from seeds:

  • You should sow the seeds 4 weeks before the last frost
  • You should use a mix of a good quality soil and a good quality seed starting mix to sow the seeds in
  • Always keep the mixture moist but don’t over water
  • The container should be wide and deep
  • Expose them to bright but not direct sun
  • Once they are 3 to 4 cm tall, move each plant to an individual container
  • Water them regularly to keep the soil moist
  • In a couple of months they will grow up to 15 cm and they will bloom

However, To learn how to grow Celosia from seeds, read the following tips:

  • Plant the seedlings after the last frost ends
  • Keep at least 20 inches between each plant
  • For an eye-catching scene, make flowers beds in different colors

3. Growth requirements of Celosia

How to grow Celosia

First, you should plant Celosia in a sunny site or place the container in a place where your plant receives plenty of sunlight. The ideal temperature for growing celosia varies between 64 F – 80 F (18 – 25 ° C).  Second, moisture is vital for Celosia, therefore water regularly to keep the soil moist. However, don’t over water it to avoid many diseases.

When it comes to soil quality, Celosia can grow in any kind of soil. But it is recommended to use a good quality soil that contains a lot of organic matter. Also, remember to keep pH soil level neutral. Anything between 6 to 7 is acceptable.

Fertilizing is not necessary therefore fertilize only if your plant shows signs of weakness.

4. Pests and diseases

The most common diseases that Celosia is prone to are leaf spot, stem, and root rot. You can avoid these diseases if you avoid overwatering your plant. However, once you spot an infection, you should use organic pesticide and fungicide.

I hope these tips are enough to learn how to grow Celosia. Celosia is an amazing ornamental flower to decorate your garden. This flower is extremely attractive and eye-grabbing. Growing it in your garden will provide with an extremely pleasant view.


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