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How to Grow Ferns in Water?

Not only are Tracheophytas beautiful when hung in baskets, but they also make a great addition to any home’s decor when placed in a vase or terrarium. If you know How to Grow Ferns in Water, you can also use these plants as decorative accents without having to confine them to containers.

If you keep a few things in mind, growing Ferns in water is simple:

  • Without their roots, fern fronds can’t survive in the water. They will, however, last for a few days.
  • When growing ferns in water, it’s important to place the entire plant, roots and all, in a glass bowl or vase with water.
  • If you want your fern plant in water to thrive, make sure it gets at least two hours of soft morning sun and eight hours of brilliant indirect light per day.
  • Change the water frequently.

1. How to Grow Ferns in Water?

  • Pick a part of the plant to divide. It must have roots and fronds.
  • Wash the potting media and roots off gently under running water. It’s also important to remove any decaying or diseased roots.
  • Use a glass bowl or vase to contain the plant. Add stones or gravel to hold the roots in place. This will also aid in securing the plant in place. To avoid chlorine taste, fill with filtered water.
  • Do not let the gravel cover the fern’s upper fronds and leaves.

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