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How to grow mushrooms indoors

Mushrooms are delicious healthy plants. They are rich in fiber, potassium, and selenium. They are also low in fat and calories. If you are into growing your own food, you should definitely grow mushrooms. Mushrooms require certain growth requirements, thus it is better to grow them indoor because you can manage these requirements. Go ahead scroll down and take a look at the easiest way to grow mushrooms indoors.

  1. Choose a type of mushroom to grow

There are three main types of mushrooms that you can easily grow in containers indoors. They are oyster, white button, and Shiitake. You can grow them all in the same way. There two main methods for growing mushrooms. Either you grow them using the basic growing method or you can grow them in coffee grounds. The first method is the most recommended one.

2. Buy Mushroom spawn

How to grow mushrooms indoors

Mushroom spawn is a sawdust permeated with mushroom mycelia that is essential for the growth of your plants. It does not only facilitate the growth of mushrooms but it boosts it. Mushroom spawn is widely available and you can buy online or gardening supply stores and some specialty organic living stores.

3. Sterilize the sawdust

It is important that your sterilize the growing medium, in this case, the sawdust, before inoculating with the spawn. The sterilization process aims at killing micro-organisms. It is easy to sterilize the sawdust. All you need to do is to place it in a bowl in the microwave. Fill in the bowl with water until the sawdust is damp. Turn on the microwave and heat up the bowl for two minutes until the water boils.

4. Heat the sawdust until the mycelia spread

In order to make the mycelia in your mushroom spawn spread into the sawdust, you need to expose it to a warm temperature.

5. Place it in a proper environment

How to grow mushrooms indoors

You need to place the sawdust in a proper environment to encourage the growth of your mushrooms. They need a dark and cool environment with temperatures degrees about 55F. Most people choose the basement for this. However, any cool and dark environment such as a cabinet or drawer will do.

6. Harvesting

How to grow mushrooms indoors

In three weeks, You will start to see mushrooms appearing. You can pick them if you want or you can let them grow.

This is the best way to grow mushrooms indoors. Follow this way and you will enjoy a rewarding yield of healthy and fresh indoor mushrooms. It is easy and effective.



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