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How to Increase Earthworm Populations & Why You Should Do It

Earthworms are vital to the health of your soil, which in turn influences the quality of your garden’s yields, yet not everyone appreciates their presence. They may grow on you with time, even if you don’t feel particularly fond of them right now.


1. Earthworms enhance soil quality overall

Earthworms collaborate with a plethora of fungi and bacteria in the soil to produce a great substrate worth cultivating in. Earthworms migrate through their digestive tracts as they move around in and near the soil’s surface, eating on plant debris (grass clippings, leaves, dead roots, manure, etc.).

You may have observed worm castings on your lawn, and these are a nutrient goldmine. In the end, this is transformed into fertilizer, which we’ll discuss shortly.

Soil enriched with earthworms is essential for healthy plant growth, and that’s all you need to know right now. Soon you will be thinking of methods to accommodate them, and you will become giddy every time you unearth one by accident.

Be very careful if you decide to dig in your garden, or better yet, don’t! That’s going to win you major kudos from the worm population.


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