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How to Know If Foods Are Produced Organically

If you are one of those people who care about what they eat and who choose to buy as many healthy products as possible, you might want to check whether or not you’re consuming foods that are free from pesticides and other potentially harmful chemical products.

In this post, we will show you some tips to help identify non-organic foods so you can keep these away from your diet.

Bee honey

Place a spoonful of the product on a plate and pour a splash of water on it. Stir the water over the surface of the honey gently for a couple of minutes. If you suddenly realize that some sort of crystals appear on the surface of the honey, this means that it is organic, since bees have special enzymes that help remove excess liquid from the honey.


In most cases, parsley that has been grown and cultivated organically has a dark green color, and its branches are short and do not bend as easily as the ones from parsley that isn’t organic.


If what you want to buy is organic garlic, you just have to make sure it has roots at the bottom. It’s as simple as that. Roots will often indicate that it has been grown organically.


A simple trick to tell if your watermelon is organic is to place a slice in a glass of water, the pulp should be a pale pink color and should not redden the liquid.



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