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How To Make a Garden Furniture in Pallets?

How To Make a Garden Furniture in Pallets

Garden furniture are always pleasant, they allow you to rest in the sun, or have a coffee with friends.
If you can buy garden furniture on one of the many sales sites specializing in gardening and outdoor furniture, know that you can save money by creating your own.
In this article, we present all the steps to make your garden furniture in pallets, as well as tips to totally customize your living room and make it more user-friendly.

What are the steps to make a garden furniture in pallets?

Garden furniture in pallets can be created according to all your desires and fully personalized. But you can also follow plans created by other gardeners or handymen or watch video tutorials. Here are the steps to make your garden furniture:

  • Disassemble and then cut the pallets;
  • Clean pallets;
  • Paint the pallets;
  • Pallet assembly;
  • The final decoration with the installation of special cushions palette.

The cutting of the pallets is done using an electric saw: a jigsaw or using a circular saw. If you have time or are braver, you can also use a simple selfish saw. Once this cutting step is complete, you will be able to sand and clean your pallets to make them smooth.
The painting of the pallets is first done using an undercoat. This step is necessary because the pallet is a material that absorbs a lot of paint. Once this undercoat is deposited, you will be able to apply your normal coat of paint.

The final step is to fix the pallets. The screws used should be long and thick, but especially stainless. Thus, you will be able to keep them for a long time, and the pallets will be fixed between them securely. You can also use turrets or metal brackets to consolidate everything.
For cushions, you will have the choice between 3 types:

  • Floor cushions;
  • Back cushions;
  • Decorative cushions.

The latter are used for the back as well as for the sides. The back cushions will bring you maximum comfort. Quant to the floor cushions, they can be superimposed. Do not hesitate to vary the patterns and colors to give more style to your outdoor decoration.

How To Make a Garden Furniture in Pallets

Where to find pallets to make a garden furniture?

The first question that can be asked before creating a garden furniture would be: where to find pallets?
There are many places that will allow you to find pallets for free or by paying, such as:

  • Construction sites;
  • Shops;
  • Businesses.

Most pallets serve as a delivery medium for material on construction sites, and many (all those that are not stamped EUR, EPAL) will be discarded. But you have to ask permission to have access to a construction site, which is not easy.

You can also find pallets at the back of supermarkets. You can then ask to take them provided that they are not returned (those without an acronym EUR, EPAL). But go ahead in advance, so you can meet the manager.

Some companies put pallets on the sidewalk after delivery of their products, in order to be taken by some interested people. If there are none, ask the manager to set you aside.

Finally, some websites sell used or new pallets. Those offered for sale are of very good quality. You can also buy them from individuals through classified ads, but they are very expensive.

Which pallets to use to make a garden furniture?

Avoid toxic pallets. These are usually pallets that are colored, or that bear the mention MB (methyl bromide). You should know that the pallets that are marked are stronger than those that are not.

How To Make a Garden Furniture in Pallets

What are the disadvantages and advantages of making a garden furniture in pallets?

Garden furniture in pallets offer a lot of advantages, but also disadvantages.

Benefits :

  • It’s economical;
  • It’s easy to do;
  • Good quality pallets are resistant;
  • You can customize your garden furniture in pallets according to your desires;
  • The living room is for your garden and is not afraid to be exposed to the outside.

If you get your pallets for free, all you have to do is invest in the screws and cushions. In addition, garden furniture is not difficult to do, you can find tutorials online, as on YouTube, which will show you step by step, the realization of a garden furniture with pallets. The pallets are made of solid wood that allows you to carry heavy loads, making them a material of choice for your garden furniture.

Disadvantages :

  • Pallets may be infested;
  • Pallets have a limited lifespan: they fear rain and moisture in the long run;
  • Cleaning them will be more difficult in the long run.

Be careful when using pallets found outside, they can be infested with all types of wood-boring insects. We also advise you not to install your garden furniture in the rain, but under a veranda in order to be able to enjoy it in case of bad weather or bad weather.

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