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How To Make an Elegant Flower Pot?

How To Make an Elegant Flower Pot?

Highly decorative, indoor bulbs bring a welcoming touch to the house, where they let us enjoy their flowering from the end of the year celebrations.

Amaryllis, daffodils, hyacinths or even botanical tulips: the choice is wide to create beautiful colored pots, to be placed on a piece of furniture or at the edge of the window.

For an even more aesthetic result, you can easily make a flowerpot with a little metal, cardboard or fabric and a stroke of gold paint. Here are 3 very easy DIY decorating ideas to dress up your flower pots.

Hyacinths forced into metal cans

Using a carafe or a vase filled with water, it is very easy to force a hyacinth to bloom inside. But to vary the decoration this year, you can also put this large bulb in the ground in a recovered container. To make a pot cover from simple tin cans, you will need:

  • Hyacinth bulbs and potting soil;
  • As many empty cans as bulbs;
  • A spray of golden paint.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start by removing labels from the boxes.
  2. Then lay them upside down on a sheet of newspaper.
  3. Finally, apply the spray paint until all the metal is covered. All you have to do is let everything dry and then plant your hyacinths inside.
How To Make an Elegant Flower Pot?

Very geometric planters

If you like modern decors and minimalist lines, you will appreciate making a Scandinavian-style flowerpot with this hexagonal shape so trendy today. To make it, you will need:

  • The bulbs of your choice, planted in small earthenware or plastic pots
  • From the packing box
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • Glue suitable for cardboard
  • A spray of golden paint.

Here are the steps to follow to make a cardboard pot cover:

  1. Start by cutting a strip the same height as your flowerpots from the cardboard box.
  2. For the length, measure the rim of the pot and add a few inches so that you can close the strip later.
  3. Using the ruler and pencil, then divide the strip into 6 segments and fold them to form a hexagon.
  4. Then hide the extra centimeters inside the flowerpot by fixing them securely with the cardboard glue.
  5. Finally, place the cylinder on a sheet of newspaper and apply the spray paint to it.
  6. Once the flowerpot is completely dry, you just have to thread it around your earthen or plastic flowerpots.

With children, you can follow the exact same steps to make a paper pot cover. It is easier for them to work than cardboard!

Well-dressed bulbs

How about warming up your indoor bulbs with a party outfit? With a little burlap, you can do wonders … To realize this DIY idea, bring together:

  • Your favorite bulbs, already planted in ordinary pots;
  • Burlap;
  • Sewing scissors;
  • Your sewing machine (or needle);
  • A spray of golden paint.

Here’s how to make a burlap flowerpot:

  1. In the canvas, cut a disc a little wider than the pot: it will serve as a background.
  2. Then cut a wide strip to form the wall. Do not hesitate to be generous: you will need enough to close your work. And by folding the top edge outwards, you can do without a hem …
  3. Now sew the strip to the disc and stitch the ends together.
  4. Finally, paint everything with a golden spray.

Instead of burlap, it is also possible to use oilcloth. It can be sewn as well!

Whatever material you choose, gold is the ideal color to showcase your holiday decorating ideas! And if you give your outdoor bulbs a minimum of maintenance, your homemade planters will accommodate superb blooms.


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