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How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Gladiolus Flowers

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Gladiolus Flowers

Gladiolus is a bulbous plant that is often found in the countryside. Indeed, the latter are generally cultivated in order to be able to create bouquets afterwards. Very easy to grow, gladiolus is a very undemanding plant that does not require a lot of attention, which is what makes it so charming.

With green foliage, the flowers are funnel-shaped and so bloom between July and September, depending on the month of planting. The colors of the gladiolus are very different depending on the species chosen. The height also varies, sometimes reaching 1.20 meters in height.

How to plant gladiolus ?

You may find gladiolus in trade during the spring season. In order to plant them in the right way, you must choose a sunny location, and the soil is classic, but well drained.

Regarding the location, you should still choose a location that is particularly sheltered from the wind so that the rods are not bent by the wind. In order to prepare the ground, you must dig it so as to remove all the stones present as well as the weeds. If necessary, use a special bulb fertilizer to make the soil richer. You should then install your bulbs from April and then wait around 12 weeks to enjoy the first flowering. We recommend that you shift the planting of your bulbs in order to take advantage of one flowering every two weeks. For the planting itself, choose a depth of 12 cm, in a linear fashion and making tufts of 10 to 20 bulbs. When your planting is done, it will then be necessary to water lightly and then set up a stake so that the stems of your gladiolus do not break.

How to maintain the gladiolus ?

Once your planting has been done, your gladiolus does not need any specific maintenance, apart from the placement of the stake. Usually, gladiolus is grown as a cut flower.

Avoid harvesting the foliage when you go to pick your flowers, though, as the leaves allow the plant to build up its reserves and thus give you a magnificent bloom the year after. If you want to uproot your bulbs during the fall, you must wait until all the leaves are wilted or browned from the frost.

Once you have removed your bulbs, all you need to do is place them in a dark, frost-free place. You can therefore opt for your cellar or possibly your garage. These bulbs can then be replanted the following year during the spring season to give you the benefit of a new flowering. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where the climate is rather mild, then you may be able to leave your gladioli directly in the ground and not remove them during the fall. However, it is possible that the latter will become less productive during flowering as they will be constantly exposed to the elements, and will not really have a moment of rest.

How to combine gladiolus ?

As you may have understood, the gladiolus is a plant intended to be cut to be placed in a vase for about two weeks. In the heart of your garden, gladioli will go perfectly with dahlias, lilies or even montbretias. Gladiolus can also be used to create a bed of perennials or annuals to add volume to the whole.


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