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How to Prepare Your Garden Beds for Success This Fall: Enjoy a Bountiful Harvest Next Year

The fall is the best time to design and put up a Raised Row Garden, whether you’re converting an existing garden or starting from scratch.

You will not only be prepared to begin planting next spring, but you will also enjoy fewer weeds, less effort, and greater harvests than ever before in your garden!


1. The Benefits of Growing Your Vegetables on Raised Beds

Raised-row gardening appears to be on the rise. To put it plainly, it’s the solution for individuals who want a less complicated, less time-consuming, and more fruitful gardening experience.

It simplifies the process of cultivating and harvesting vegetables for backyard farmers by employing a low-cost, organic method. All of this can be done without having to fork over a ton of cash on pricey retaining walls or raised beds, or even renting a rototiller.

An extremely fruitful vegetable garden can be nurtured using mulch, organic materials, and natural cover crops. One that requires even less tending to and work is ideal. In fact, it becomes less of a hassle to upkeep and more fruitful each year.

Find out what it takes to transform your current garden into a Raised Row Garden, or how to get started with a brand new one this season. Below the text is a video that goes into even more detail about how to construct your rows without any hassle. If you want more information, see our post “How to Grow with Raised Rows.”

mulching the garden

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