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How to Remove Cochineal Naturally from Your Plants For Good!

When warmer weather finally arrives, one of the best parts is watching our plants start to flourish again. When spring finally arrives and the plants you’ve nurtured all winter are ready to be enjoyed, along comes the much-hated cochineal.

It’s a common problem because there are many different kinds of these insects. The most frequent type is “cottony” or “floury,” so called because it produces honeydew, a white material. Getting rid of these insects is essential for plant survival.

The good news is that there are numerous viable options. Everything is pretty easy, yet remarkably efficient.


1. Tea tree oil

It’s true that this oil’s wide range of qualities makes it applicable in many settings. The ability to cleanse and kill microorganisms makes it ideal for use in killing off cochineal. Put roughly ten drops into a liter of water and stir. Spray it on the leaves with the help of a sprayer. Once every four to five days, we administer the treatment again.

There’s a risk that it won’t enable the leaves to breathe if it’s used when the temperature is too high.


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