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How to Save Ferns – Keep your ferns safe this winter by bringing them indoors!

Ferns are the perfect multi-purpose plant. They are beautiful when hung in baskets, but they also thrive when planted in containers or even in shady flowerbeds. And, boy, do they grow quickly! With even the least amount of care, ferns can quickly reach their full potential in size within a single growing season. However, many ferns cannot survive through the end of the growing season.

But here’s the good news: saving your ferns is a breeze. Ferns, it turns out, are one of the easiest plants to overwinter. And here’s what might be the greatest part: you can not only keep your ferns alive for next year, but you can also multiply them by dividing the larger ones. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can save your ferns this fall.


1. Preventing Frost Damage to Plants

When a heavy frost hits your fern, it’s usually too late to save it. The first step in saving ferns is to move them indoors before the first frost.

Ferns can tolerate mild cold and even light frost, but not prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures. Plants need to be protected from heavy frost or freeze as early as mid to late fall, when temperatures begin to decrease.

Because of this, you should get your fern ready for indoor life well in advance of the first frost. And you can start doing that by training your fern for indoor life.


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