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How to Save your Plants from Winter

How to Save your Plants from Winter

You’re probably used to leaving potted plants outside over the winter, but if some of your favorite perennials are frost tender where you live, they’ll be harmed or killed if you do. You may safeguard plants from the detrimental effects of cold weather by bringing them indoors for the winter. However, after you’ve brought your plants indoors, the key to keeping them alive over the winter is to consider the type of plants you have and the growing conditions you give.

Winter Plant Care

How to Keep Plants Alive During the Winter (by overwintering plants in pots indoors) To begin, you must first create a suitable environment for the plants, which is sometimes easier said than done. Even if you have ample space in specific areas of your home, if the plants don’t get enough light, they may start to wilt.

Tip: Install some hanging basket hooks or shelves in front of bright windows before bringing plants indoors. An overhanging winter garden will protect plants from clogging up your space.

Aside from giving your plants enough light while they’re indoors, providing the temperature and humidity they require is essential for keeping them healthy during the winter. If you set the pots near a heating vent or a drafty window, the temperature variations may cause the plants too much stress.

Set the pots on top of pebbles in a water-filled tray or dish to improve humidity around plants, and keep the water level below the base of the containers.

When to Start Overwintering Plants in Pots

The majority of houseplants are tropical plants that may be placed in pots on your patio or deck for a mini-vacation. When nighttime temperatures dip below 50 degrees F (10 degrees C), it’s time to bring your plants indoors for the winter.

Caladiums and lilies, for example, may go through a “resting period” after developing from bulbs, tubers, and other bulb-like structures. After an active growth stage, some plants’ leaves and stems fade or their leaves turn yellow, and the plant finally dies.

Even while some plants are dormant throughout the winter, others (such as caladiums) require warm winter plant care, while others (such as dahlias) thrive in milder temperatures. Caladium tubers can overwinter in a warm closet within your house, but they may also overwinter outside in the cold (40-50 degrees F. or 4-10 degrees C.).

You should know her USDA plant hardiness zone before bringing in your complete garden for the winter. This is used to assess the lowest temperature at which various plants can live in the winter. When purchasing new plants, look for the hardiness information on the manufacturer’s tag.


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