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How to Start Your Fall Compost Pile Right Now to Energize Your Garden Next Year!

Preparing a fantastic fall compost pile now is the best way to get your garden ready for action next year. And it couldn’t be easier, since there are so many great things to use during the fall.

This is especially true if you follow some simple guidelines when building your pile. A little bit of effort now will pay off next year when you have mountains of “black gold” to use in your flowerbeds, containers, and hanging baskets.

Tips for Making a Great Fall Compost Pile


1. Always remember to shred!

Shredding your materials before adding them to the compost pile is the single most effective way to increase the rate of decomposition. The time it takes for your pile to break down is proportional to the size of the pieces you put into it.

Leaves, garden debris, vegetables, pumpkins, and gourds should all be chopped or shredded before being added to the compost pile in the fall. Use your lawn mower if you don’t have access to a chipper or shredder.

Keep in mind that you should rotate the pile at least once per week. When you twirl, you’re adding fresh air to the mix. And when there’s oxygen in a pile, things get better. Let’s take a look at what can go into your fall compost pile now.

What to Add to Your Fall Compost?

Compost materials can be easily shredded with either a lawnmower or an electric chipper/shredder.

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