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How to Tell If You Have Mice – 7 Signs that mice are present in the House

Are there any weird sounds coming from behind your walls? Do you discover any suspicious-looking black pellets in the basement? Has your pantry a pungent, musky smell?

You most likely have a mouse in the home or lots of mice. They are able to reproduce within two months of birth, which occurs about 20 days after mating.

Mice infestations can quickly grow out of control because to this reproductive multiplication, posing a risk to food supplies, electrical equipment, and even your health because mouse droppings carry dangerous bacteria, illnesses, and viruses.

The following are some warning indicators of a mouse problem:


1. Icky Droppings

Mouse droppings are commonly discovered close to feeding, breeding, and nesting regions in places where mice are most active.

Droppings range in size from three to six millimeters, or about 1/4 inch, in length, and are cylindrical in shape. Small grains of rice-like mouse excrement are frequently mistaken for cockroach excrement.

Icky Droppings

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