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How to Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked & What You Need to Do?

There is so much sensitive information stored on smartphones that the thought of having it hacked is terrifying. The question “how do I know if my phone is being hacked?” will pop into your head immediately.

If your phone keeps malfunctioning or you suspect it was hacked, read on. Don’t freak out, there are signs that will let you know if your phone has been hacked.

How to Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked? Here are some of the most obvious signs that your phone may have been hacked.


1. Your Phone is Performing Slower than Usual

Do you find that your phone frequently crashes and takes a long time to load pages? Does it take a long time to make phone calls, send texts, or browse the web? If your phone is unusually slow despite having plenty of memory and the most recent software updates installed, it may be a sign of a breach.

The slow performance of your phone could also be the result of a malware attack, which operates invisibly while eating away at your phone’s processing power.

If your phone is acting up, try turning it off and seeing if that helps. The ability to power down or even turn off a hacked phone can be difficult.


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