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It’s Time to Learn How to Grow Garlic This Fall! The Keys to Growing a Successful Crop

When it comes to planting garlic in the autumn, a few basic tips will go a long way toward creating a great crop that is ready to harvest in the early following season.

Garlic is not only simple to grow, but it improves with each year’s harvest as you pick out the best bulbs to transplant.

What are the requirements for a successful garlic harvest?

That’s actually the best thing of all. Growing garlic in a garden is one of the easiest things to do. It naturally repels most pests, and it requires little to no upkeep or care. It also doesn’t need to be watered or fertilized very often.


1. Garlic Planting Instructions

Raised beds and raised rows can be used for planting garlic. The most important factor is the amount of room between each element. Within rows and between rows, bulbs should be spaced 4 inches apart.

Start by digging a 3 to 4 inch deep hole. Place an inch of compost in the trench’s bottom before planting. Each bulb should be gently pushed down into the compost layer when you plant it.

Next, sprinkle a teaspoon of worm castings over each bulb as you plant it. Nutrients for the bulb are readily available from this source. It’s a terrific way to increase the quality of your bulb production.

Garlic Planting Instructions

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