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Japanese Beetle Spray Recipe – An Easy, All-Natural Way to Protect Your Plants

In order to defend your flowers, shrubs and bushes against Japanese beetles, make your own organic beetle spray at home. Beetles won’t eat your plants any more because it’s so simple and affordable to create.

Japanese Beetles can do a lot of harm to plants. And in a surprisingly short period of time! Beetles begin to appear in Ohio around the first or second week of July. A small number of insects can quickly escalate into a full-fledged beetle infestation. All in just a few days.

2. How to Make Japanese Beetle Spray using Wood Chunks

You will need six to eight little pieces of Eastern Red Cedar wood (about 4′′ length x 2′′ wide) to build your spray. The most important thing is to keep the wood pieces small enough to fit in a 5-gallon bucket.

If you can’t find Eastern Red Cedar trees in your own backyard, your best bet is to visit a local lumberyard.

Fill a 5-gallon bucket halfway with the chunks. Afterwards, add hot water to the bucket. When the water in the huge pot reaches boiling point, we carefully pour it into the bucket. The heated oil aids in the release of the cedar’s natural oils.

It is recommended that you allow 3-4 days of soaking time once the water has been added to the container. Place a brick or other hefty object on top of the cedar wood to prevent it from floating to the top. Every day, we give our oil bucket a good shake to help it drain faster.

Remove the boards from the water and strain them to remove any floating debris after they’ve soaked for a while. Now you can use the cedar spray you made yourself.

pieces of Eastern Red Cedar wood

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